What Do New Graduates Want in an Employer?

Construction Education Survey on what Construction Students want in Employers

The below survey was given to graduating construction management seniors and graduate students several years ago.  They were asked to rate each statement on how important it was in maintaining continued employment with the same construction company. 1= not important and 5 = very important.  The answars below are ranked from 1 being the most important.

1. Upward movement in job positions

2. Company’s reputation within the industry

3. Stability of Company’s management

4. Company’s commitment to professionalism

5. Training

6. Company’s financial strength

7. Company’s safety performance/record

8. Challenging Vs. Mundane Tasks

9. Turnover rate of Company’s key management personnel

10. Area of the country you will mostly live

11. Company culture / Company philosophies

12. Major Medical Plan

13. Company’s attitude toward management training

14. Company’s commitment to integrating technology in the field

15. Company matching 401K retirement package

16. Company paid health care benefits

17. Ability to change positions when you wish to try something new

18. Depth of Company’s management skills

19. Company profit sharing

20. Flexible work environment – attire, work hours

21. Salary

22. Dental Plan

23. Recognition of work performed

24. Company’s attitude towards continuing education

25. Turnover rate of others in your position

26. Vacation/Sick time policy

27. Company mentoring program

28. Company’s attitude toward craft training

29. Work Schedule (number of hours per week)

30. Ability to focus on the type of construction in which you plan to specialize

31. Tuition Reimbursement for continuing education

32. Type of Work (High Tech, Pharmaceutical, office, etc…)

33. Variety of project types – diverse or specialized?

34. Company’s client base

35. Employee recognition program

36. Overtime work required for a salaried position

37. Toys- computers, PDA’s, etc…

38. Allow you to take a leave of absence to pursue a Masters’ degree

39. Size of company – number of employees

40. Size of projects – large, medium, small volume?

41. Size of the organization

42. Perks company offers (sport tickets, etc…)

43. Company vehicle

44. The need to relocate for projects

45. Travel for your job

46. Job title